Sewer Camera Inspection & Pipe Locating Service

Our sewer camera inspection & pipe locating services use the latest technology to investigate your pipes and drainage, without damaging your property.

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Identifying Drainage Problems Isn't Always Easy

If you’re experiencing these common issues, a drain inspection might be the best place to start.

With our camera inspection technology, get a visual and precise assessment of the interior condition of pipes without digging up your yard or damaging your walls.

2 team members cleaning storm water drain outside

You deserve fast, reliable answers when you have problems with your drainage

Camera Pipe Inspection & Locating Services

Every drainage system is a bit different. Here are a few ways our cutting edge technology can help you inspect your pipes inside and outside of your property.

If you are having problems with drains inside your home, a sewer camera inspection is the best place to start.


Uncover hidden issues within your sewer lines that might be effecting your kitchen and bathroom drains without damaging your home.
With interior drainage, food, toilet paper, baby wipes, grease, and mineral buildup can hurt your drains overtime without proper maintenance.

Our skilled professionals will insert a special camera through the appropriate access point, usually the main line drain. This helps us pinpoint the causes of problems, including clogs, mineral buildup, and pipe erosion.

Easily diagnose and locate drainage problems.

If you are having problems with drainage outside your home, a storm drain camera inspection is the best place to start.

Water backing up on your property and into your home can be frustrating. Often, this is caused by clogs, cracks, and roots growing into your storm water management system.

With your exterior drainage, leaves, sticks, dirt, rocks, and other debris build up in your pipes. When your curtain drains, catch basins, and gutters are not working well, water problems are likely.

The thought of having to dig up your yard or driveway to fix drainage problems is scary. Usually, there are minor issues that can be resolved with hydro jetting and a regular maintenance schedule.

Using our camera pipe inspection technology, our team will identify your exact issues, then work with you to resolve them quickly while preventing future problems.

If you’re planning on renovations, understanding where your pipes are on your property is critical.

Easily find pipes located inside walls and underground without doing damage.

Our drain inspection tools trace your pipes from an access point on your property. The camera sends a signal through the pipe to a receiver above the ground, marking the complete path the pipe takes.

Whether planning renovations or avoiding utility line damage, our tools precisely map out the location of your pipes. Save time, money, and avoid surprises.

We arrive with the equipment we need to get right to work inspecting and cleaning your storm water drainage.

How To Get Started

Whether you need Emergency Service or regular maintenance, we make working with our team simple and stress-free.

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3. Solve Your Drain Problems

Our expert team diagnoses and resolves your drainage issues

"I couldn’t believe how in depth they were. They performed multiple tests on my system to show me that it was working safe and efficiently.

- Chris E., Fairfield County

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Frankie CFrankie C
19:11 14 Jun 24
THEY ARE THE BEST!! I don’t know what I would have done without Clear drains. I usually don’t write reviews but for this I had to. They came right away during my emergency and helped me located the issue. Need help call Clear Drains!!! Thank you all again so much. We appreciate it.
Brian WhiteBrian White
00:16 16 May 24
After trying unsuccessfully to unclog my kitchen drain myself I called Clear Drains LLC. They sent someone out right away and charged very reasonable price. I definitely would use them again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
Paul UlrichPaul Ulrich
12:48 03 Apr 24
Rino was the only plumber I could find who would quote a price upfront. And compared to the others, his price was reasonable. He and his son Eddie were very responsive—coming to the house on short notice and working in the rain to clear a clogged storm drain with a jetter at 4000 psi. Rino also made useful suggestions to avoid future problems. I will definitely use ClearDrains for any other similar issues.
Lilly TeLilly Te
21:01 23 Mar 24
Amazing!!!! So glad we found them! So professional and honest and hard working!!! Will be repeat customers for sure!
Peter PellerziPeter Pellerzi
17:58 20 Mar 24
great job in the middle of the night.
Scott SchechterScott Schechter
02:03 03 Mar 24
Always very responsive and helpful!
Ruth ShermanRuth Sherman
01:53 27 Feb 24
Had a sewer backup that needed immediate attention due to roots getting into the line. I had just had this done six months earlier but before that, it had been years in-between, so I wasn't going back to that group. I called Rino & Eddie and they came right over, spent a good amount of time with some high-tech cameras and equipment diagnosing and solving the problem. Very personable and professional. Thanks!
John PetrozziJohn Petrozzi
15:38 11 Feb 24
Professional, friendly, and fairly priced. Would recommend!
ben arrowben arrow
22:26 08 Feb 24
They came on short notice on a Saturday night. Excellent service!
Esthetic OptionsEsthetic Options
12:19 06 Feb 24
Started working with Rino and he was, reasonable, responsive and helpful for our condos at Jaynes Park in Greenwich

How Sewer and Drain Inspection Works

Tell us about your drain problems

First, we ask you a few questions about the drain problems you are having, then visually review your drain plumbing and your property. This helps us learn about your specific property and find the best access point for the camera inspection tool.

Inspect your drains with a special camera

Next, we feed the camera through an access point into the drainage pipes that are having issues. The camera sends information back so our crew can see what’s affecting your drainage and the precise location of the issue.

Quickly diagnose & resolve drain problems

Based on the results, we’ll evaluate the situation and discuss with you the required repairs or replacements that might need to be performed to keep your plumbing system working correctly.

Why Choose Clear Drains LLC?

Our team is committed to delivering you honest, affordable solutions to your sewer and drain issues while building a long-term relationship with our customers.

Sewer Camera Inspection FAQs

Since sewer line problems can develop unnoticed, we recommend regular inspections every one to two years.

The duration of a sewer camera inspection can vary depending on the length of the pipeline. We perform our camera-based inspections relatively quickly, basically within an hour.

Yes. Trying to conduct the inspection on your own can cause damage to your system.